IR Policy

  1. Policy principles
    1. OUE REIT Management Pte. Ltd. (the "Manager"), the manager of OUE REIT (“OUE REIT” or the “REIT”) is committed to maintaining regular, timely and transparent communication with OUE REIT’s unitholders (“Unitholders”), prospective investors, analysts and the media, in compliance with the prevailing requirements for the disclosure of information in accordance with listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST"), the Code of Corporate Governance, and other applicable securities laws and regulations.
    2. The Manager’s investor relations ("IR") policy (the "IR Policy") outlines the practices and processes that facilitate regular, timely, accurate and fair communication of information to Unitholders and the investment community.
    3. The IR Policy is reviewed by the Manager on a regular basis to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. Updates may be made, when appropriate, to reflect latest best practices.

  2. Communications principles
    1. The Manager recognises the importance of timely disclosure of material information necessary to avoid the establishment of a false market in its securities or which would be likely to materially affect the price or value of its securities ("Material / Price-sensitive Information"), and strives to keep Unitholders and the investment community well informed and up-to-date on information pertaining to OUE REIT that would be relevant to their investment decisions.
    2. The Manager is committed to treating each and every one of its Unitholders equally. All Material / Price-sensitive Information will first be released to SGX-ST via SGXNET on a timely basis and all SGXNET announcements will also be made available on OUE REIT’s corporate website. In the event of an inadvertent disclosure of Material / Price-sensitive Information during analysts' briefings, investor meetings, or otherwise, the Manager will take immediate steps to release the Material / Price-sensitive Information via an announcement on SGXNET.
    3. The Manager will strive to ensure accuracy, transparency, and clarity in its announcements.
    4. The Manager does not comment on rumours or market speculation. However, if the rumours or market speculation indicate that Material / Price-sensitive Information has been leaked, or are in fact false or inaccurate, and have, had, or is likely to have an effect on the price of OUE REIT’s securities or a bearing on investment decisions, the Manager will promptly clarify such rumours or market speculation through announcements released to SGX-ST via SGXNET.

  3. Communications strategies
    1. The Manager strives to maintain regular engagement with Unitholders (retail and institutional) and the larger investment community to provide updates on OUE REIT’s development and financial performance, insights on its strategies, market outlook, as well as to garner feedback and views for consideration.
    2. The Manager will give reasonable access to analysts and the media to help them formulate informed opinions on OUE REIT, but will not seek to influence their objective opinions.
    3. The Manager will actively engage Unitholders and the investment community through a variety of initiatives and channels, including, but not limited to:
      1. OUE REIT’s annual general meeting and, as and when necessary, extraordinary general meetings;
      2. Teleconference and/or physical briefings for analysts and/or institutional investors and/or media in conjunction with OUE REIT’s quarterly business updates, as well as half-year and full-year results;
      3. Relevant industry and/or retail investor events;
      4. Roadshows, in Singapore and internationally;
      5. Familiarisation visits and property tours;
      6. Post-results luncheons, as well as group and one-on-one meetings;
      7. OUE REIT’s annual reports and sustainability reports;
      8. Announcements released to the SGX-ST via SGXNET, media releases and statements; and
      9. OUE REIT’s corporate website (
    4. Where applicable, notices of and invitations to OUE REIT’s general meetings will be extended by the Manager to all relevant Unitholders in advance.
    5. The Manager’s board of directors, senior management and external auditors will be present at all general meetings to address Unitholders’ queries. Unitholders will be given reasonable opportunity at all general meetings to ask questions and communicate their views on issues affecting OUE REIT and the matters being tabled for consideration.
    6. All Unitholder and investor queries should be directed to the Manager’s IR team. The Manager will communicate only through its designated spokespersons, via approved channels.

  4. Contact details
    1. Unitholders can contact OUE REIT's unit registrar at the following address / numbers:

      Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.
      1 Harbourfront Avenue
      #14-07 Keppel Bay Tower
      Singapore 098632

      Tel: (65) 6536 5355
      Fax: (65) 6438 8710
    2. Unitholders and the investment community can contact the Manager's IR team via e-mail at, via telephone during office hours at (65) 6809 8700, and via fax at (65) 6809 8701.

  5. Unitholder privacy

    The Manager recognises the importance of Unitholders’ privacy and will not disclose Unitholders’ information, including Unitholders’ personal data, without their consent, unless required by or permitted under the law. The Manager’s Privacy Policy, which describes how personal data is collected, used, disclosed and processed by the Manager, is available on OUE REIT’s corporate website.